This section contains research and forecast materials produced by ACRA. Unrestricted access to macroeconomic and industry forecasts used in assigning ratings ensures the rating process transparency.

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TitleSectorDocument TypeDate
High returns attract investors to Russian insurance sector
Russian insurance sector RoE analysis
Russian non-oil exporters benefit on shale oil
Commodity market trends
Oil & Gas, Metals & Mining Research21.09.2017
Poor asset quality to remain the key risk of Russian banks’ creditworthiness decline
Analysis of Russian banks’ asset quality
Russian government to become a net borrower and Kazakhstan government to remain a net creditor in 2018
Debt market map
Corporates, Financial institutions, SovereignsResearch27.07.2017
Continued growth of dividends is driven by metals and mining industry
Analysis of dividend payouts by Russian non-financial companies
Weak economic growth to boost capital adequacy of Russian banks
Capital adequacy analysis of the Russian banks
New fiscal rule to lower Russia's budget’s oil & gas dependence
Federal budget balance and stability study
Sovereign and sub-sovereign, Oil & GasResearch06.06.2017
Financial market participants want more credit ratings
A Russian rating industry survey
Other Non-Banking Financial InstitutionsResearch29.05.2017
Restraining social spending growth to shift regional budget problems to 2018
Regional social spending and inter-budget relations in 2016-2018
Regions & MunicipalitiesResearch12.04.2017
Positive ruble interest rates to raise propensity to save in Russia
Survey of the volume and forms of household savings
Sovereign and sub-sovereign, BanksResearch15.03.2017
Russian Regions to Favor Bonds
Russian regions’ debt structure analysis
Regions & MunicipalitiesResearch14.02.2017
Russia’s financial system is still experiencing a higher than pre-crisis level of stress
Analysis of the current state of the RF financial system
Financial institutionsResearch13.12.2016


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