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This section contains research and forecast materials produced by ACRA. Unrestricted access to macroeconomic and industry forecasts used in assigning ratings ensures the rating process transparency.

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TitleSectorDocument TypeDate
Russian economy: no knock out to recession yet
Russia 2020 economic outlook update
World, SovereignsForecast12.09.2016
Waning federal transfers widen inequality gap between regions
Russian regional budgets performance analysis for 1H16
Regions & MunicipalitiesResearch06.09.2016
China no longer invests in raw materials
China’s foreign direct investment analysis
Other , Telecommunications, Retail, Machinery & Equipment, Chemicals, Food & Agriculture, Construction & Real Estate, IT & Media, Power & Utilities, Oil & Gas, Metals & Mining , Transportation, SovereignsAnalytical comment09.08.2016
Imports share on the Russian food market has hit record lows
Food embargo
Retail, Food & Agriculture, SovereignsAnalytical comment02.08.2016
Brexit: what now?
The British referendum outcome analysis
SovereignsAnalytical comment04.07.2016
Regions face higher cost of debt and increased inequality while repaying federal loans
Regional debt load analysis
Regions & MunicipalitiesResearch23.06.2016
Actual budget slash took place
Execution of the federal budget
SovereignsAnalytical comment15.04.2016
Most leveraged regions may struggle to receive public budget loans
Regional leverage analysis
Regions & MunicipalitiesResearch23.03.2016
Russian economy: absence of usual conditions for growth offset by impetus for structural change
Russia 2020 economic outlook
US interest rates: when will they rise further?
Cautious interest rate rises are expected in the US
SovereignsAnalytical comment03.03.2016
Regional budgets to be saved again by public budget loans in 2016
Regional budgets: 2015 results preview and forecast for 2016
Regions & MunicipalitiesResearch02.03.2016
Preferential home mortgage having maximum effect upon economy among contingency measures
Antirecessionary plan of the Russian Government for 2016
Banks, Construction & Real Estate, Machinery & Equipment, Regions & MunicipalitiesResearch16.02.2016

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