This section contains research and forecast materials produced by ACRA. Unrestricted access to macroeconomic and industry forecasts used in assigning ratings ensures the rating process transparency.

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TitleSectorDocument TypeDate
A ranking of the regions of the Far Eastern Federal District by level of financial stability
Analysis of regions’ financial stability
Regions & MunicipalitiesResearch21.07.2021
Life insurance market: how can its potential be unleashed?
Insurers’ assets in this segment may exceed RUB 20 tln
Payment discipline in Russia’s electricity sector: end consumers’ debt is growing
Preliminary data on the dynamics of debt in the wholesale and retail electricity markets for the first four months of 2021
Power & UtilitiesAnalytical commentary15.07.2021
Glittering surplus
Russian regions’ budget execution for the first half of the year
Regions & MunicipalitiesAnalytical commentary09.07.2021
IFIs as a separate type of issuers in the capital market
Extra yield at almost sovereign risk
International financial organizationsResearch29.06.2021
Interest on account balance
Russian regions' new non-tax revenues
Regions & MunicipalitiesAnalytical commentary28.06.2021
The openness of the Kazakh economy has declined and will not reach the peak levels of the 2000s in the next 20 years
Foreign trade reversal
Do steel companies have excess profits?
Analysis of the dynamics of financial indicators of Russia’s largest steel companies based on 2020 and Q1 2021 results
MetalsAnalytical commentary04.06.2021
How to make a region “green”
Sustainability projects financing practices appropriate for Russian regions
Structured and Project Finance, "Green" bonds, Industry, Ecological ranking of Russian regions, Устойчивое развитие регионовAnalytical commentary03.06.2021
Mortgage lending engine
Development of the home loan market in Russia
Moving house is postponed for a year
The impact of the pandemic on Russians’ ability to save up for an apartment
Regions & MunicipalitiesResearch01.06.2021
The moment of truth for global inflation
Russian economy: an updated forecast until 2025

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