Forecasting in credit analysis, May 14–15


The section features the information on credit ratings assigned by ACRA in accordance with requirements of the legislation and its own internal documents. This information is available to everybody without restrictions.

Issuer Ratings

Found: 182
Credit rating outlook / Watch
Outlook / Watchi
Date of Publication on the Latest Rating Action
Link to Rating Press Release
IssuerJSC Russian Agricultural BankRatingAA(RU)Outlook / WatchStableSectorBanksGeographyRussiaDate04.04.2019LinkPress release
IssuerRNCBRatingA(RU)Outlook / WatchPositiveSectorBanksGeographyRussiaDate03.04.2019LinkPress release
IssuerAO Mizuho Bank (Moscow)RatingAAA(RU)Outlook / WatchStableSectorBanksGeographyRussiaDate26.03.2019LinkPress release
IssuerPJSC "Lenenergo"RatingAAA(RU)Outlook / WatchStableSectorPower & UtilitiesGeographyRussiaDate26.03.2019LinkPress release
IssuerDalena Bank, LtdRatingBB+(RU)Outlook / WatchStableSectorBanksGeographyRussiaDate25.03.2019LinkPress release
IssuerURALSIB INSURANCE LLCRatingBB+(RU)Outlook / WatchStableSectorInsuranceGeographyRussiaDate22.03.2019LinkPress release
IssuerPJSC SovcombankRatingA(RU)Outlook / WatchStableSectorBanksGeographyRussiaDate21.03.2019LinkPress release
IssuerKhanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - UgraRatingAAA(RU)Outlook / WatchStableSectorRegions & MunicipalitiesGeographyRussiaDate21.03.2019LinkPress release
IssuerThe Penza Region RatinguBBB+(RU)Outlook / WatchStableSectorRegions & MunicipalitiesGeographyRussiaDate21.03.2019LinkPress release
IssuerSberbankRatingAAA(RU)Outlook / WatchStableSectorBanksGeographyRussiaDate18.03.2019LinkPress release
IssuerThe Republic of MordoviaRatingB(RU)Outlook / WatchStableSectorRegions & MunicipalitiesGeographyRussiaDate18.03.2019LinkPress release
IssuerThe Sverdlovsk RegionRatingA(RU)Outlook / WatchPositiveSectorRegions & MunicipalitiesGeographyRussiaDate06.03.2019LinkPress release

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