Training on banks and NBCOs, January 24–25

ACRA continues enrollment to its training on NPF and AMC credit analysis to be held on February 15-16

Analytical Credit Rating Agency (ACRA) continues enrollment to the second training course on credit analysis of non-state pension funds (NPFs) and asset management companies (AMCs) to be held on February 15-16.

The training syllabus was developed by taking into account interests of both professionals in assessing AMCs and NPFs and fledgling analysts involved into managing financial and counterparty risks, and will also be relevant for collective investment market analysts.  Participants will learn to independently assess reliability of AMCs and creditworthiness of NPFs as well as to apply the knowledge they gain in their professional activities.

At the training the participants will review not only niche topics (analyzing business position of AMCs in the collective investment market, analyzing position of NPFs using financial reporting and calculation of key indicators, assessing regulatory effects on operation of AMCs and NPFs) but also practicalities of operation of the professional market participants (for instance, communication with partners and building relationships with prospective clients).

“Contemporary trends in the Russian collective investment and trust management market, changes in legislation (including those expected), risk assessment with respect to operating activities of the professional market participants as well as specifics of the comprehensive analysis of AMCs and NPFs alongside with many other issues will be discussed at the training”, commented Yuri Nogin, Director, Financial Institutions Ratings Group of ACRA. “Elaborating on various case studies and discussing real-world examples would bring the maximum actionable value for students”.

The training is intended for a group of up to 17 attendees, and will be held over two days (totaling 16 academic hours).  The training will include presentations followed by group discussions, exchange of opinions, and analysis of case studies.  Each attendee will receive a completion certificate.  The attendance fee (including lunch and coffee breaks) is RUB 45,000 plus VAT per person.

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