ACRA is continuing enrollment for its online workshops in December

ACRA will hold an online workshop on Fundamentals of credit analysis of insurance companies on December 3−4, now enrolling.

Workshop goals:

Help participants develop the following skills in analyzing the creditworthiness of insurance companies:

  • Application of structured approach to assessing creditworthiness;
  • Financial standing analysis based on publicly available financial reporting;
  • Calculation and assessment of key financial indicators;
  • Qualitative analysis of business;
  • Regulatory impact analysis;
  • Operational environment assessment;
  • Credit risk analysis of debt financial instruments.

To get the most out of the workshop, participants will analyze an example of a structured approach to credit analysis using real Russian business cases.


Fundamentals of sovereign risk credit analysis will be held on December 10−11, now enrolling.

Workshop goals:

  • General principles of credit analysis;
  • Sovereign borrowers as financial market participants;
  • Credit analysis factors;
  • Data sources for credit analysis of sovereign borrowers;
  • Quantitative indicators of credit analysis;
  • Qualitative indicators of credit analysis.


ACRA is now enrolling for online workshops on fundamentals:

  • Fundamentals of credit analysis of banks;
  • Fundamentals of project finance and infrastructure analysis;
  • Forecasting in credit analysis. Course 1: macroeconomic and industry forecasting fundamentals;
  • Forecasting in credit analysis. Course 2: practical aspects of economic modeling and more.

More information on the topics, programs, and enrollment in ACRA’s online workshops is available at


The online format allows participants to comfortably master the topics in a short time. Participants will interact with speakers and receive answers to their questions in real time. The training sessions will include interactive sections, during which participants will tackle specific cases and tasks to reinforce their practical knowledge.

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