Training on Forecasting May 14–15

ACRA opens enrollment into its June 22–23 training course on corporate credit analysis

Experts of the Analytical Credit Rating Agency (ACRA) will conduct a training session on corporate credit analysis on June 22–23, 2017.

The training will provide its participants with an opportunity to acquire basic analytical and practical tools needed for assessing creditworthiness of non-financial corporations. The key feature of the course is its practical focus, which will involve a structured approach to credit analysis based on examples from real business practice.

The training program covers such topics as corporate creditworthiness evaluation, support ratings, non-standard ratings, securities ratings, general structure of company operational profile evaluation and analysis, financial performance evaluation, cash flow modelling for the purposes of credit analysis.

As part of this case study based workshop, participants will be asked to perform such business cases as peer analysis of non-financial institutions, operational and cash flow modelling, evaluation of relationships between companies and supporting organizations, credit recovery assessment in the event of default.

“ACRA training courses on corporate credit analysis are aimed at providing their participants with the necessary knowledge to understand the way the key quantitative and qualitative credit risk factors impact companies engaged in different Russian industries. Analysts covering both the corporate and financial sectors will benefit from this training session, as a lot of Russian financial companies portfolios are weighted heavily towards bonds issued by non-financial corporations,” comments Ekaterina Mozharova, Senior Director and Head of the Corporate Ratings Group at ACRA.

During the course, ACRA experts will dwell upon ACRA’s Corporate Methodology. A copy of the said document is available in the Methodology section of the ACRA website or at

The training will take two days, with each daily session lasting nine hours. Upon completion, participants will be issued certificates. The course will cost RUB 45 000 plus VAT per person.

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