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List of Credit Ratings Assigned in 2016

  # Rated Entity Financial Instrument Credit Rating Outlook Date of Press Release Publication
1 Bank “National Clearing Centre” (Joint-stock company) AAA(RU) Stable 01.11.2016
2 JSC “ALFA-BANK” AA(RU) Stable 15.11.2016
3 Bank GPB (JSC) AA(RU) Stable 24.11.2016
4 PJSC Sovcombank A-(RU) Stable 25.11.2016
5 Certified exchange-traded interest-bearing unregistered bond issued by Bank GPB (JSC), BO-12 Series (RU000A0JX0P9) AA(RU) - 07.12.2016
6 Subordinated perpetual Eurobond issued by JSC “ALFA-BANK” (XS1513741311) BBB-(RU) - 09.12.2016
7 The Moscow Region AA(RU) Stable 12.12.2016
8 Moscow Region Finance Ministry, sub-federal bond, 2016 (ISIN RU000A0JX0B9), RegS RU35010MOO0 / fixed coupon rate, debt amortization AA(RU) - 12.12.2016
9 The Kaliningrad Region BBB-(RU) Stable 21.12.2016
10 «Bank «Saint-Petersburg» PJSC A-(RU) Stable 21.12.2016
11 Kaliningrad Region Finance Ministry, sub-federal bond, 2016 (ISIN RU000A0JX2S9), RegS RU34001KLN0 / fixed coupon rate, debt amortization BBB-(RU) - 23.12.2016
12 The Samara Region A(RU) Stable 28.12.2016
13 JSC "AHML" AAA(RU) Stable 29.12.2016

No unsolicited credit ratings were assigned in 2016. 

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